Video Surveillance System Serving Seattle WA

Video Surveillance System Serving Seattle WA

Video Surveillance System Serving Seattle WA

You can’t be everywhere at all times on the premises of your business, but with a Creative
Surveillance Systems (CSSI) video surveillance system with live and active 24/7 monitoring you
can rest assured that we will be there. If your business or a portion of your operations is located
in Seattle where burglary rates are 55% higher* than the national burglary rate, there’s no
question you need a reliable top quality system to protect your Seattle property and assets. Since
our inception in 1996, CSSI has been providing the best video surveillance system and
surveillance security services in Seattle. We strive to create the highest quality, durable video
surveillance systems in Seattle. We are dedicated to unsurpassed personal service and aim to
set the standard for Seattle video surveillance systems.

At CSSI video surveillance system service in Seattle, we are dedicated to working closely with
you to understand the nature of your business and your security concerns with personal
unsurpassed service and attention to video surveillance security system detail every step of the way. A video surveillance system provides valuable insights into your business operations that you otherwise would not have been aware of and should be an important part of your security
plan. Not only does a video surveillance system provide a visual record of activity; with our day or
night interactive monitoring service we can catch an intruder in action and either communicate
with them or notify the police. The presence of video surveillance cameras can also be a powerful
deterrent to theft and vandalism. When you choose CSSI for your Seattle business security
needs, you will feel confident that we are providing the very best in video surveillance service for

About our Video Surveillance System and Infra-Red Curtain

CSSI video surveillance systems use the highest quality and most durable integrated digital video
products available and combine them with our full Infra-Red High Resolution cameras. Our video
surveillance system features remote monitoring done in real time with experienced personnel.

  • The first line of defense is the infrared curtain that surrounds the property
  • That infrared curtain detects anything out of the ordinary that crosses its path
  • A signal is sent to the monitoring center, an operator will begin to examine the property
    with the video surveillance system
  • Internal sensors further pinpoint the location of the intruder
  • Cameras can then be directed to the spot
  • The central monitoring station can challenge the intruder via microphone, call the police
    or both
  • Tipped off by CSSI, the police can easily locate and apprehend the intruder

We are here for the Safety and Security of Your Business

Our experienced CSSI security and surveillance professionals are ready to assist you in
designing a video surveillance system that protects your business, your employees, your
customers and your assets. Located in Seattle, WA, we work throughout the Northwest providing
professional design, expert installation, superior quality system integration and dependable
service to create the most effective video surveillance system for each business we have the
pleasure of working with. To find out more about our superior quality, unsurpassed service and
reliable video surveillance systems here in Seattle, call CSSI today at (425) 549-2037.

* Burglary rate source: The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program – 2012 Crime Statistics Report – Seattle’s burglaries per inhabitant percentage compared to the national burglary per inhabitant percentage rate.(Seattle = .0104 National = .0067)

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