Commercial Surveillance Systems

Our pro-active philosophy and ultimate surveillance systems package provide our commercial clients with top monitoring at a fraction of the cost of a single part-time guard.
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Construction Site Security

With CSSI video surveillance systems and security camera technology we create an impenetrable infrared curtain around your construction site for maximum protection.
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Surveillance Monitoring

With CSSI’s surveillance monitoring services, you can be sure that your next construction project in Seattle or your car dealership in Kent will be in safe hands.
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Our Ultimate Integrated Security Package covers the following:

  1. Overnight we perform “Video Tours” of your property to make sure all of your cameras are functioning properly and the property is secure. Any malfunctioning cameras or equipment is promptly replaced at no cost to you.
  2. Once a quarter we do physical on-site inspection of your equipment replacing and updating equipment as needed without cost to you.
  3. When we do spot an intruder on your property, we will follow your instructions. We can immediately call the police or have a word with the intruder through your PA system. Again, our goal is to PREVENT theft or vandalism of your property – NOT to provide you with video of past events. There are no additional charges for any of this.
  4. If you need assistance in using one of the many features of our software or want to do a CD burn, or video search, you can call us 24/7 at NO charge.

Our concept is simple: Use the highest quality and most durable integrated digital video products available. We combine this with our full Infra-Red High-Resolution cameras and add full Video Remote Monitoring done by a Monitoring Station with over 20 years of experience.  You can see why this is an exciting innovative concept in security.

Anyone can install cameras on your property and feed to a VCR or DVR, but by itself, what good is it?

Our goal is to catch the thieves or stop the theft before it happens. We Install perimeter networks that consist of Long-Range Infra-Red Curtains and Motion Sensors, Infra-Red High-Resolution Cameras, Day/Night Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Cameras all tied together with the newest software on the market remotely controlled and monitored by LIVE personnel. We start watching an intruder as soon as he enters your property.

We do this and much more with 5 years of warranty and service, with NO up-front installation or equipment cost and NO nickel and dime charges!

Live Monitoring.
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