Security Camera System Serving Seattle WA

Security Camera System Serving Seattle WA

Security Camera System project in the Seattle WA

Since 1996 Creative Surveillance Systems (CSSI) has been a security camera system industry leader throughout the Pacific Northwest including the Seattle area. We offer innovative and effective security and surveillance solutions for all commercial and residential types. We pride ourselves in tackling the toughest security challenges while maintaining the highest quality security camera systems at competitive pricing. Our systems will cost you 1/3 of what a security guard will cost you and can be much more effective.

With our pan, tilt and 36x zoom cameras our 24/7 monitoring station can zoom in and follow the suspect, taking close-up and quality video for the greatest chance of positive identification. The camera’s CCD (charge-coupled device) sensor technology uses a special manufacturing process to allow the security camera chip sensor to transport charge across the chip without distortion. This leads to the highest quality sensors when it comes to fidelity and light sensitivity. High quality and low noise sensors in our security camera system are the key to positive identification at your Seattle business.

How Our Security Camera and Infra-Red Curtain System Works for your Seattle area Business

photo of dusk over the city – construction site security in Seattle.

At CSSI, we pride ourselves in tackling the toughest security challenges with our security camera systems for Seattle.

Our video surveillance system is teamed with the highest security camera technology and Infra-Red (IR) Curtains for maximum perimeter protection. If someone enters your property, they will break this Infra-Red Curtain that then sends an instant alarm to our CSSI Monitoring Station. Inside the perimeter, there is a network of wireless long-range IR Motion Detectors, which not only detect motion, but also help us pinpoint these intruder locations. The monitoring station remotely looks at your site examining the zone that was alarmed as well as the whole site for
anything suspicious. If someone is spotted, the CSSI Monitoring Station zooms in on the suspect’s face with the corresponding Pan, Tilt and 36x Zoom Security Camera system, recording close-up digital surveillance video for observation and later police review. Once the CSSI Monitoring Station observes and makes a trained decision on the trespasser. If they observe it is a criminal they dispatch the local police. The CSSI Monitoring Station can work with the Seattle Police, describing the suspect and where they are on your premises.

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