Integrated Security Package protects CalPeak Power Station located in “middle of nowhere”

CalPeak Power, LLC owns and operates turbine power stations located off the beaten path from small towns let alone major cities. Despite being secluded, there is a constant need to help keep employees safe while on- site. Fortuitously, company managers met CSSI owner Bob Casperson at an industry safety conference. Bob and his team proposed an economical setup for a CalPeak plant in central California. EHS Engineer for CalPeak/Starwood Power Jason Bowman says CSSI has helped them solve their number one priority. “The catalyst for our decision was based upon our concern for employee safety on-site. The security package also enables us to meet state environmental and safety requirements. I have recommended Bob and his team to several colleagues.”

Bob says his custom resolution for companies such as CalPeak is based on the practice of proactive versus reactive security. “Unlike a guard, our system is everywhere at once and never sleeps or takes a break.”

The Ultimate Integrated Security Package is the new benchmark for quality, service and durability in the industry. The package consists of cameras and motion sensors to automatically detect and track in real-time arrivals and departures.

In the case of CalPeak, the cameras cover all four corners of the facility. A motion sensor detects the arrival of a delivery tanker approaching the main gate and alerts the central control room via an audible alarm. Once inside, the tanker’s path is streamed live to ensure both safety and to confirm the delivery is completed. The cameras then follow the action until the tanker has left the facility.

“There is simply no alternative to our security package for secluded operations,” said Casperson. “We are more economical versus traditional guards and automate the process on a 24/7 basis.”

In the case of movement occurring on or near the fence line, the motion sensors will alert the Central Station who will verify the intrusion then call the sheriff’s office. There is even a camera aimed round the clock at a tank containing environmentally sensitive chemicals.

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