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Remote Security Monitoring Serving Seattle WA

Creative Surveillance Solutions, Inc. is a collaboration of three existing security companies dating back almost 20 years with a combined 50+ years of design and installation experience. Based in Seattle, our company is a new exciting concept in Security, Loss Prevention, and Asset Protection, and is fast becoming the bench-mark for Quality, Service and Durability in the industry. Our basic theory is to practice pro-active, not re-active security. Even with today’s newest technology, how many times have you gone back to new video, only to find out that you couldn’t ID the suspect due to bad lighting, bad cameras, not enough cameras or poor resolution?

Our Ultimate Integrated Security Package addresses all of the above issues at about a third of the cost of a single part-time guard.

How Our System Works

  1. If someone enters your property they will break an Infra-Red Curtain, which in turn sends an instant alarm to our Monitoring Station.
  2. The Monitoring Station remotely looks at your site looking at the zone that was alarmed and the whole site for anything suspicious.  If someone is spotted, the Monitoring Station zooms in on the suspects face with the corresponding Pan, Tilt and 27x Zoom Camera, recording close-up digital video for observation and later Police review.
  3. Once the Monitoring Station observes and makes a trained decision whether the trespasser is a customer or a criminal they then dispatch the local Police.  (Police respond faster to a live report from an eyewitness than to an alarm.)
  4. The Monitoring Station can then work with the Police, describing the suspect and their locations.
  5. You have now prevented and stopped the crime from happening; practicing pro-active and not re-active security, all at a third of the cost of your part time guard.  And unlike your guard this system is every-where at once, never sleeps or takes a break, and can’t be bribed.  We can save you money, while protecting your assets better!

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